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“La La Land”: A Musical in the Stars

A modern day musical that takes place in a city known for breaking dreams and hearts, “L L Land” topped the box office this past weekend, bringing in 68.2 billion.

In the film, Mia, played by Emma Stone, is an aspiring actress in Los Angeles, trying to make ends meet and break out in the spotlight. Mia comes across a dedicated Jazz pianist, Sebastian, played by Ryan Gosling. The two are faced with an once-in-a-lifetime romance and stardom.

Stone and Gosling stole the  hearts of audiences alike with their singing during the movie. Songs such as “City of Stars”, a duet sung by the two, and “A Lovely Night” were favorites of the film, according to reviews on IMDB and fans on social media.

The movie uses modern day Los Angeles as its backdrop, illuminating the fantasy of living inside a musical. Dancing on top of cars in L.A. traffic, waltzing in the stars, and finding love made this movie a huge hit.  The New York Times reported, “The real tension in “La La Land” is between ambition and love, and perhaps the most up-to-date thing about it is the way it explores that ancient conflict.”

The masterpiece was nominated for seven Golden Globes, and over the weekend during the award show, the film won all seven. “La La Land” toppled over the drama “LION”, “Passenger”, “Fences”, and “Moana”. “La La Land” is still out in theaters, so interested movie goers still have a chance to witness this award winning film.

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